Cognac Moyet Shows its Best Cognac at VINEXPO

[France, June 9, 2005] Cognac Moyet will be displaying its best cognac at the world wine and spirits exhibition VINEXPO in Bordeaux France between June 19th and 23rd.

Cognac Moyet will be present at booth number B 238 in Hall 1.

Pierre Dubarry, CEO, Cognac Moyet, explains why an event is special “VINEXPO is the world meeting place for producers and exporters and an opportunity to build international success. The show is well known for its diversity. The event attracts some of the world leading restaurant managers and sommeliers.”

Dubarry explains why his best cognac is considered exceptional: “Moyet’s dedication to the traditions of French cognac brandy and to perfectionism is beautifully reflected in our product range The Classics of Moyet, but stands out spectacularly in our vintage range The Antiques of Moyet, which is the best cognac in the world.”

Cognac Moyet refuses to use generic French cognac brandy marketing names for its product range and we name each of our cognacs after its vineyard of origin: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fine Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois.

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About Cognac Moyet

Cognac Moyet has a long and distinguished history of supplying fine cognac. Cognac Moyet is worshipped by the leading sommeliers and by fine cognac connoisseurs around the world, the winner of many international fine cognac contests, and celebrated in the press. Cognac Moyet was founded in 1864 and has experienced increased commercial success during the past twenty years after over one century of dedication to the very highest possible fine cognac standards. The antique cognacs of Moyet, as well as its whole classic range, are now served in the very best restaurants and sold in the most discerning wine shops worldwide.

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