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Moyet Cognac
Old label from 20’s

Cognac Moyet always welcomes enquiries from cognac distributors with the appropriate experience and clientele.

Cognac Moyet, still a small sized company, supplies the most famous restaurants, hotels , and wine shops worldwide.

Over 4,000 restaurants and 600 wineshops in France and Europe already stock Cognac Moyet’s products.

Moyet Cognac

One of the greatest successes for Moyet was being chosen in 2000 as the exclusive cognac suppler of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and of its partner companies. This never happened to any of the boutique cognac houses before.

Moyet is now exporting to 36 countries around the world, which means we have still a long way to go.

Moyet Company was founded in 1864.

Moyet has succeeded during the last 20 years placing its products in the very best and exclusive restaurants, hotels, and wine shops in the world.

An irreplaceable artisanal and traditional know-how, a gorgeous range of very antique cognacs on top of a range of younger and already beautiful vineyard-cognacs, are the assets of this still small but yet gorgeous cognac house.

Pierre Dubarry tasting cognacs
Pierre H. Dubarry

At the moment we export to 35 countries including 2 US states, but we are still looking for additional importers and distributors in many other countries. China, India, North and South America, and Australia are now our targets primary targets.

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