Press Releases

Cognac Moyet to Display 100 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac

Cognac Moyet to Display 100 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac at Vinexpo 2009 in Bordeaux.
Cognac Moyet is continuing its long tradition of Vinexpo in Bordeaux. ¬†Cognac Moyet will participate from Sunday June 21st until Thursday ¬†June 25th. Some lucky booth visitors have the opportunity to taste a few treasures of this old Cognac house, including […]

Cognac Moyet at the Hotel Imperial in New Delhi

From now on the indian cognac connoisseurs will be able to find the cognac Moyet, best exclusive cognac of the tops, at the mythic Hotel Imperial of New Delhi.
No doubt they’ ll find their preferate antique cognac among the most amazing choice of great spirits ever gathered in India.

Cognac Moyet to Attend Food Festival at the Dome of Bangkok

The famous Dome of Bangkok, this complex at the top of the State Tower, including the other famous Sirocco restaurant and a multitude of outlets that capture the attention of the world, has chosen Cognac Moyet as the cognac sponsor of the gourmet food festival they have been creating, the Epicurean Masters of the World.

Cognac Moyet Launches Marketing Campaign in Thailand

Moyet Cognac, the best cognac in the world, specialist of antique cognacs, is one of the sponsors of the association French Gourmets in Thailand.

Cognac Moyet Appoints Major Distributor in Asia

South East Asia is the Cognac market of tomorrow and that is why the company Les Celliers -France-Asie, the main and most famous wines & spirits distributor in Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, and Myanmar, has decided to distribute the best cognac in the world the Moyet Cognac, antique cognac specialists.

Cognac Moyet in Iceland

Vifilfell one of the largest beverage distributors in Iceland, in charge of Coca-Cola and many other prestigious brands decided to target the market of the spirits connoisseurs by taking as sole-importer in Iceland the distribution of the best antique cognac in the world: Moyet Cognac.

Cognac Moyet Served at Royal Celebration in Thailand

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand celebrated last Thursday July 28th his 53rd birthday in his new palace of Nathon Patom with 50 of his friends and relatives.

Cognac Moyet Shows its Best Cognac at VINEXPO

Cognac Moyet will be displaying its best cognac at the world wine and spirits exhibition VINEXPO in Bordeaux France between June 19th and 23rd.

Cognac Moyet Presents Fine Cognac at French Cultural Festival in Thailand

Cognac Moyet is presenting fine cognac at the French cultural festival organized by the French Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 7th to 19th.