VSOP Cognac

Cognac Moyet offers some cognacs that can be classified as VSOP Cognac.

Cognac des Fins Bois

The youngest of the Cognac Moyet range, it already has a very attractive aromatic display of spices, prune, caramel, very typical of the “Premiers Fins Bois de Jarnac” – the best French cognac vineyard of this appellation.

A vigourous taste with a good length considering its three years.

Cognac de Petite Champagne – An extraordinary VSOP Cognac

Petitie Champaigne is the second cru of Cognac, and sometimes considered ideal for a VSOP cognac. Its pure and round smell presents notes of vanilla, light wood, caramel, and heath. The taste is round, pleasing, with a note of fruit. This still young VSOP cognac eau-de-vie tasting about seven years, is unagressive, with a very pleasant and neat finale.