XO Cognac

Cognac Moyet offers some cognacs that can be classified as XO Cognac.

XO Cognac

Cognac des Borderies XO Cognac

Smells of undergrowth, dried fruits, and above all deep smells of violet and iris, very typical of this rather small vineyard, third of the region, the eaux-de-vie of which are very rare and desirable. Powerful and very authentic, this beautifully viscous French cognac, tastes twenty to twenty-five years of age. Superior than the vast majority of XO cognacs available.

Cognac Fine Champagne XO Cognac

A blend of Grande Champagne (70%) and Petite Champagne, this French cognac displays a very beautiful rancio of mushroom. The flavour is very suave, with nice notes of liquorice, and a great length. Very round, it tastes thirty to thirty-five years of age, and deserves its appellation XO cognac, traditional English abbreviation for “eXtra Old”.

Cognac de Grande Champagne EXTRA OLD

Too good to be called just XO cognac, it is given the full Extra Old title. From the first vineyard of Cognac, this eau-de-vie with a beautiful lime-tree smell, also very spicy, is very typical of the appellation. Beautifully viscous, round, and very long, this eau-de-vie aged forty years, shows all the signs of the maturity.of age, and deserves its reputation as one of the best French cognacs.